Return Policy

At Food INC, your culinary satisfaction is at the heart of our commitment.

We want to take a moment to clarify our policies regarding refunds, returns, and your rights as cherished members of our food-loving community.


Refund Policy:

Our company cannot be held responsible for any unintended loss or loss of profits resulting from the failure to supply goods to you. This agreement does not limit our obligations in cases of injury, negligence, or infringement of your rights as a customer due to a breach of contract.

We are not accountable for any losses you may incur through the distribution, use, or resale of goods as part of your business, as these products are sold to you with the understanding that you are a direct consumer.

Upon delivery to the primary address or placement in a secure location, we are no longer liable for the condition of your goods. Once we have delivered your goods, it becomes the customer's responsibility to store them appropriately, although we ensure our products reach you in perfect condition.

If the customer or a third party decides to relocate the goods from the initially provided address after delivery, we are not responsible for any damage or deterioration that may occur thereafter.

The precise minimum and maximum weight of artisan products cannot be guaranteed. We do not accept liability for under or over-weighted products, but we will strive to meet weight expectations.

Due to the nature of the internet, we cannot guarantee uninterrupted use of our website or error-free transmission. However, we are committed to maintaining a functional website for easy use by our customers. We will keep website repairs and maintenance to a minimum, and occasional access restrictions may be expected.

In the event of a refund, the customer is required to return the item in its original packaging and is also responsible for the return shipping cost. Customers should allow up to 14 working days for the full processing of their refund, excluding the original shipping cost.


  • Not liable for unintended loss or loss of profits due to failed goods supply.
  • No limit to obligations for injury, negligence, or breach of contract affecting customer rights.
  • Not responsible for losses from distributing, using, or reselling goods as a consumer.
  • Not liable for goods once delivered or securely placed.
  • Customer's responsibility to store goods appropriately post-delivery.
  • No liability for damage after goods are moved from the original address.
  • No guarantee on exact weight of artisan products; no liability for weight discrepancies.
  • Internet nature prevents guaranteed uninterrupted website use and error-free transmission.
  • Commitment to maintaining a functional website with minimal access restrictions during repairs.
  • In case of a refund, the customer must return the item in original packaging and cover return shipping.
  • Allow up to 14 working days for full refund processing, excluding original shipping cost.